Who am I?

Hi there! I'm a Junior studying Computer Science at the University of Minnesota. I like to write code and make art, music, and all things digital. I'm also the webmaster at Radio K, the University's radio station.

What have I made?

Here are a few things I'm proud to have created so you can get a good look at what I can do.


A cross-platform macOS and Windows title bar for JS apps (including a React version) based on titlebar.

Space Monkey Mafia

Static website for the band my brother is part of. Designed with input from the band and with responsiveness in mind.


Live-updating point plotter with loads of customization. Created with React and a modified version of Materialize. More features to be implemented in the future.


Collie is a programming language based on Jeremy Ruten’s Dog. This language expands on Dog's capabilities and turns it into a more “useful” programming language and teaching tool.


A Python module that provides numbers that are not completely random, but feel more "human" and spread out. Official PyPI listing

Shuriken (in development)

What will be a cross-platform app to analyze and sort your music collection for DJing. Built with Electron and React. Emphasis on good design and smooth usability.

Follow me!

Or reach me by email at me@katacarbix.xyz